There's plenty to do on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal Plumbago
One thing's for sure, you'll never get board!

Leisure Bay’s beaches enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean all year round. Secluded coves open into wide stretches of sand fringed by sub-tropical dune forests and coastal grasslands. Leisure Bay is a nature-lover's paradise.

If you're a swimmer, surfer, fisherman or simply seek out the glory of the sun, you will love exploring the coastline here.
There’s much to do. Or nothing at all. You decide.

- Horse trails along the beach, including an overnight stay in the Transkei
- Snorkeling in the rock pools
- Beach walks
- Dolphin and whale watching
- Kayaking

Not to be missed is The Greatest Shoal On Earth, a unique phenomenon that occurs every year between June and July when a massive shoal of sardines travels up the coastline. The shoal brings with it whales, dolphins and literally hundreds of sea birds. it is a magnificent sight!